Episode 7

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6th Nov 2017

2:7 - Creating an Intentional Family Culture with Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson is the mother of seven children and has been happily married for 46 years and blessed with 13 grandchildren and is a family connection expert.  

Her book, Becoming a Present Parent, focuses on what she knows and does best – helping children and parents connect.  She has presented her Presence concepts in workshops and webinars for over seven years. You can get a FREE chapter of her new book at becomingapresentparent.com

Her website, maryannjohnsoncoach.com, is an online community reaching thousands of people. She created Family Connection Mentoring and is well known in the homeschool community as The Home School Coach. 

Excerpt from the description of Becoming a Present Parent:

"Small and simple things, done consistently over time, bring the greatest rewards. In as little as five minutes you can become a Present Parent. Connect with your children in the big and small moments you share with them every day and help them reach their potential-all without adding to your to-do list. Mary Ann Johnson, the Present Parenting guru, shares the simplest methods you can use to build lasting relationships with your children. 

  • Use technology wisely-not as a crutch
  • Create transitions that all will enjoy
  • Learn to be consistent, not perfect
  • Establish goals and healthy habits for your family
  • Change the little moments into big opportunities
Give your children more time, more engagement, more you! Find purpose, intent, and happiness in parenting and build a strong bond with each of your children."
Nuggets from this episode:
  1. No family is perfect!
  2. Families come together with baggage
  3. You can have joy in the process 
  5. Family culture is just like corporate culture
  6. Family culture happens either by default or by design
  7. Steps in the process of designing your family culture
  8. Modeling, parameters, and boundaries shape the feelings in the family
  9. Intention is "a design a purpose, the fixed direction of the mind, to a particular object, or the determination to act in a specific manner"
  10. How to remind your family every day of your family intention 
  11. Our journey is like a road trip with red lights and green lights along the way
  12. Religion is only a guideline for our culture, but we must decide for ourselves what our family culture is
  13. Being consistent is the glue that keeps your family together
  14. Creating an intention for your family can be so simple
  15. Family intention is open for revision periodically 

I have been thinking a lot about Mary Ann's message about family culture by design or default.  Your family intentions will be unique to your family and what your needs are.  Right now, my family functions on survival mode, so we know a lot about those "red-light" days Mary Ann is talking about.  But, you can still be intentional even on those days, weeks, or months by opening up to your family and discussing what your intentions are going to look like during those times.  Being intentional about your family culture doesn't mean that everything is going to always be perfect.  But, you will still be on course if you are committed to your vision and goals for your family.

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