Episode 28

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15th Dec 2020

5:28 - Transforming Relationships Through Language with Krister Ungerbock

Krister Ungerböck is a global communication expert, keynote speaker and CEO coach who delivers groundbreaking insight for leading high-performance teams, driving leadership-development efforts and maximizing business growth.

His search for leadership truths in unexpected places led him to discover insights and lessons that have shaped his point of view today. He has consulted with some of the greatest thought leaders around the world across disciplines to discover the most powerful – and often surprising – models, ideas and secrets about effective leadership communication and leadership development within organizations.

Krister uncovered universal communication secrets that utilize emotional intelligence to drive connection, growth and high performance for organizations and individuals alike. His upcoming book, tentatively titled 22 Talk SHIFTS, reveals how people can upgrade their language and improve their listening skills to inspire authentic followership at work and at home. By rooting their communication in emotional intelligence, and encouraging their managers to do the same, organizational leaders can unlock their full leadership potential to boost employee engagement and business growth.

As an engaging keynote speaker and executive coach who has spoken to audiences on five continents, Krister shares unconventional leadership development insight unearthed on his travels, as well as wisdom gleaned from his own experience building one of the world’s largest family-owned technology companies. He fearlessly shares real-life stories with concrete, actionable steps to drive employee engagement, business growth and profitability by building better

Krister Ungerböck is a leadership communication expert, keynote speaker, and former CEO of a global tech company. His work has appeared in NPR, Forbes, Inc., HR.com, Chief Executive, Recruiter.com and Entrepreneur. Prior to exiting corporate life at age 42, Krister was CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world. Despite seeing 3000% growth and employee engagement levels of 99% while CEO of a large software company -- Krister says his crowning achievement is learning how to be a compassionate leader of his family and co-parent with his ex-wife. His book 22 TALK SHIFTs: TOOLS TO TRANSFORM LEADERSHIP in Business, in Partnership and in Life helps people build better leaders and parents by shifting their words.

The reality is that merely listening is enough to truly understand what people (especially children and spouses) are trying to communicate. Krister and I had a great conversation about how a few simple "talk shifts" can transform your relationships.

The key, according to Krister, is to listen for needs, not words: When you listen beyond what people are saying and start listening for the needs that people are expressing, you’ll open yourself to a greater understanding of the motivations behind their actions. This helps us to build more compassion and less judgment as we listen. This is especially powerful when we use it to explore what might be behind the words, attitudes, and behaviors of people who frustrate or incite us.

These simple talk shifts can break the cycle of strained communication within family units -- and strained relationships between children, spouses, and ex-spouses you co-parent with.

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