Episode 29

Published on:

22nd Dec 2020

5:29 - Teen Ideas Matter with Evgeniya Andreianova

Evgeniya Andreianova is a creator of Teen Ideas Matter platform (https://teenideasmatter.com). Teen Ideas Matter is a platform to support ambitious teenagers to make their ideas real. She shares engaging resources and services to help young leaders to start their projects and bring them to an end. She's passionate about a holistic approach to managing projects and truly believe that any success starts with the mindset. She absolutely support a project-based learning and encourage parents to set up a project mindset environment at home.

Evgeniya is a mom of two kids, and is from Siberia (Russia). She worked and travelled around the world and now lives in Germany. Evgeniya loves projects and used to work in big corporates by running various projects, yet with the birth of her kids, she has changed the trajectory of her projects. She is passionate about a holistic approach to managing projects (particularly for teens) and is on a mission to encourage young leaders to make their ideas real.

On this episode, we discuss the holistic approach to managing teens' projects/ideas. It is not just setting up goals, building a project plan and follow the actions. To run a project successfully it is important to highlight the power of sleep, good nutrition, yoga and meditation, emotional intelligence, resilience and growth mindset, etc. It is essential to keep a balance of mind, body and spirit to bring the idea to the end. It helps to reduce stress, build confidence and bonding!

Grab Evgeniya's new book "Make it G.R.E.A.T: Stay Calm and Get Your Ideas DONE" https://makeitgreat.world

Connect with Evgeniya: https://teenideasmatter.com

Social media @teenideasmatter

You can also get Evgeniya's Free 10 Tips To Build Attaching Relationships With Your Teen" by heading over to the Family Leadership Toolbox where you'll find it along with other great tools for claiming leadership in your family!


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