Episode 5

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17th Aug 2021

6:5 - Questioning Norms with Evette Davis

Evette Davis is a parenting expert, author, and huge advocate of traditional family values. Evette joins us from Washington, DC where she raised 3 kids, taking them from public schools to American’s top universities. Today she talks to us about parenting as a single mother and her new book set, “The Adventures of Sunny” and how reading to your kids can help prepare them for college.

During a time of setback in Evette's life, she turned her situation around and became an entrepreneur. Evette is now a children's author, with 5 published books, a YouTube channel, and more books on the way.

Evette and I talked about how children are exposed to too much negative media. Movies and vision programming are everywhere. Unfortunately, most of it is not happy, wholesome, and healthy for young minds. So much of our media today is full of profanity, fear, shock, murder, and general negativity. Further, explicit sexual content is everywhere, from advertisements to billboards...it's almost ubiquitous. Keeping healthy images and positive media in front of our kids can be an uphill battle.

Kids are like sponges, they absorb their environment. If they grow up watching shows filled with dysfunction, they will see this as normal. This will definitely impact how they behave.

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