Episode 44

Published on:

13th Apr 2021

5:44 - Graduating Grief with Sherrie Dunlevy

Former NBC News Anchor Sherrie Dunlevy served the Wheeling, WV area for nearly 30 years both on television and radio.

Today she is a best selling author, Inspirational speaker, Graduating Grief coach and podcast host.


Her Number one best selling book “How Can I Help?” was written to help people know exactly what to say and do when the people they love and care about are hurting.


Sherrie helps women step out of their pain and provides them with support, encouragement and tools to step back into LIVING their lives on purposes and with passion and joy.

Sherrie is a #1 best selling author and the creator of the Graduating Grief Community and Podcast.

In this episode Sherrie and I discuss why grief is such a taboo topic, and one many people avoid talking about if they can. However, this attitude does not lead to connection nor to healing. Not talking about it also perpetuates this fear of talking about it. 

Grief is one of those difficult things that everyone experiences differently. Sherrie and I discuss how you can open up about your grief or support someone you care about through their grief. 

In a time when so many people are learning to suffer through their grief, all of us can do better to support a culture where grief is a natural part of growing together, not apart.

Connect with Sherrie and tune into her podcast at www.sherriedunlevy.com, and www.graduatinggrief.com.

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