Episode 35

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9th Feb 2021

5:35 - Revolutionary Parenting with Kent and Amy Bowler

Kent and Amy are the parents of 7 and grandparents to 6. They have been parenting for 28 years and find their greatest joy with their family. They are also passionate about helping youth to recognize and stand in their greatness and have been inspiring youth for 2 decades. For the last decade they have also been training parents how to be mentors in their own homes. Kent and Amy believe that families are worth fighting for and created Revolutionary Heroes to help families win that fight and develop amazing youth who live as modern day heroes.

Kent and Amy train parents and youth to learn from leaders of the past how to live principles of truth and step up and live as Heroes whose impact is Revolutionary. They teach online parenting courses to help parents increase their confidence, see their children as heroes, and have increased success in their homes by making paradigm shifts and learning powerful tools. They also teach online youth courses to help youth and children to understand their own greatness and be able to stand up and make a difference for good in the world, and teach live training courses to teachers, parents and youth and do personal coaching.

In this episode, the Bowlers and I discuss the importance of seeing our children's genius. So often as parents, we see their weaknesses or struggles. The dirty socks on the floor, the disrespectful attitude or the lack of motivation. When we focus on these negative things, it's more difficult to help our children to overcome them. But when we focus on the positive, powerful changes can start to happen.

A simple tool that Kent and Amy teach is to write down 1 positive thing that you see your child do every day. You could write this in a journal or a phone app. But the key is to reflect on their actions from the day and find at least one good thing they have done. It could be as simple as a smile for a younger sibling, a thank you to a parent or as profound as completing a difficult assignment or stopping a bad habit. The act of pondering the positive will focus your mind on the good and soon, you'll be seeing more and more of the good that is within them. They call this the Proof Positive Journal.  

Connect with Kent and Amy at www.revolutionaryheroes.com

FB page - https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionaryFam

FB group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/revolutionaryfamilies.forum

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/revolutionaryfamilies/

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