Episode 4

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10th Aug 2021

6:4 - Compassionate Intervention with Robert Newman

After going from a strong, moral upbringing in Southern Oklahoma to a drug-related downfall that had me facing federal prison, Robert Newman understands what those who are addicted feel and think. That’s what enables him to cut through the resistance and manipulative tactics of an addicted person and help them choose life and recovery.

In the eighteen years since Robert completed a long-term drug rehabilitation program, he has educated more than a hundred thousand youth on the dangers of drug abuse and helped thousands of people with drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Many of those he helped with their addictions as a substance abuse counselor, now many more as a drug intervention specialist.

Now, Robert's focus is on doing interventions that turn situations from tragic to hopeful. When he walks into a room full of family who have asked for help, he knows exactly how to cut through the emotion and confusion and establish ground rules to make the intervention a success. A successful intervention is so much about preparation. Robert will work with the family to ensure they have chosen a good rehab and cut off all avenues of evasion so their loved one has only one choice ahead of them — start rehab right now.

Robert Newman helps families and save lives by helping addicts in need find good treatment programs and families with loved ones suffering with addiction get into treatment.

In this episode, Robert and I talk about breaking the cycle of addiction, supporting family members in intervention and recovery, and how to foster a culture of preventing drug addiction.

Connect with Robert at https://www.newmaninterventions.com/

Robert is sharing his 25 Tips for Successful Intervention for the Family Leadership Toolbox. I will put it in the Toolbox under Mental Health!

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